Infrared heater ALMAC IK-8 (800W)

Model: IK-8, Dimensions (mm): 980×160×30, Weight (kg): 2.3

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, Power: 800W




The electric heaters of trademark “ALMAC” (hereafter referred to as the heaters) are indoor, electric, single-phase heaters of soft infrared radiation. They are used as primary or secondary heating for residential and commercial premises.

almac difrence

As opposed to convective heating systems (heater fans, electric radiators, stationary batteries) which first of all heat air throughout the entire room and only then – by the means of it – objects and bodies inside, infrared heating system, used in these heaters, has numerous advantages:

  • somewhat lower air temperature in the premises, at a comfortable temperature;
  • on the surface of objects, floor, walls, there’s a freshness effect – the air is not dried up;
  • electric energy economy;
  • lower convection (thermal motion of air volumes) reduces the amount of dust raised from the floor;
  • heaters do not create the “effect of the burnt air” in contrast to the heaters with high-temperature working surface.

The modern design of the heater allows it to fit into any apartment interior.

The heater is an attachable heating device for installation at high level. According to the type of protection from electric shock the heaters refer to Class I device.

In accordance with the safety requirements (IEC 60335-2-30:2009) the heaters are designed so that during normal use they are operated safely and that there is no danger to humans or the environment in the event of rough handling with the device, what can be possible under normal operation.

Thanks to the Far Infrared Technology (FIR), the Almac IK8 will heat 10-18 square meters for less than 800W per hour. We produce infrared heaters, which are characterized by high reliability, low power consumption, slim design, low weight and affordable price. Infrared heaters are very economical and very practical to use and install.

Additional information

Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions100 x 17 x 4 cm


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