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a free quote from our specialists

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Infrared Heaters

The Perfect solution to heat your home!

Infrared Heaters are an innovative solution for alternative heating of houses, apartments, hotels, offices and other facilities.

With innovative design, those types heaters are your perfect solution for heating your room.

IR Heaters helps you to bring a ray of heat through the cold winter days!


Healthy heating

Infrared heaters emit long infrared rays in a range of 8m to 14m, which is scientifically known to improve our immune system. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and improves our microcirculation system.

Increase your health by using infrared heaters!

Comfortable heating

Infrared panels emit a high proportion of radiant heat that is equal to the energy emitted by the sun. Instead of heating the air (such as conventional heating systems), infrared panels heat the objects directly, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. Compared to convection heaters, no air movement is caused, dust does not pollute the room, and humidity remains the same. You will feel much more comfortable in a shorter amount of time.

Infrared heaters keep the air clean!

ILMIT Aluminium Infrared Heater

Infrared Glass Heaters ILMIT


Heating unit completely made of glass.

Design – Thanks to its transparency, the ILMIT ThermoGlass heater will be a perfect match for any interior.

Reliability – The operational life of the heating unit is unlimited.

Energy saving – ILMIT ThermoGlass belongs to the infrared class of heaters, known as one of the most economical type of heating appliances. Its energy consumption is 40% less than a common convector heater.

Eco-friendliness – noiseless, does not emit any vapours, does not burn any oxygen, does not create electromagnetic fields, does not cause dust circulation with the air.


TUV Rheinland

Our products are TUV Rheinland approved and meet Directives of the European Union (EU) in the field of product security.

Please check our certificates and declarations here.

Economical Heating

Infrared heating system is one of the cheapest heating systems on the market.

Thanks to its low operating costs and energy saving features, it is becoming the most affordable solution for all.

Save money and make a positive contribution to our environment!

Easy installation and free support

The set of infrared heater includes fasteners that allow you to hang the unit at the appropriate height and the necessary clearances. Infrared panels can be mounted both, wall and ceiling.

The installation of an ILMIT infrared heater is not complicated and will not take more than 20 minutes.


Infrared heaters heat directly objects or bodies within their emit range, which means that the heat is stored for a much longer time, and this leads to energy savings.

When connected, a thermostat or other controller must be used which allows the unit to turn off automatically when it reaches the desired room temperature!

Taking care of ecology

Almac Trade Ltd. wants to contribute to our environment, so we use lead-free materials in our products.

We strongly recommend the use of photovoltaic systems together with our radiators to contribute to our environment.

Neither ILMIT infrared panels or ALMAC panels come with in-built controls. We have done this to protect the lifespan of the heaters, to make them rugged and durable. With no moving parts the infrared heaters will outlive any digital components. We believe in that and give them up to 5 years warranty.

By the reason mention upward we sell thermostats, timers and programmers separately. By wiring the controllers separately, you will be able to replace them whenever you decide to do that or whenever they stop working. This also gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want to control your panels – collectively or individually, automatically or manually, remotely or directly.

We always advice to install your panel by using a programmable thermostat. This unit will help you to control the work of the panels and fix the temperature that is suit for you and your family. It also give you an opportunity to set a different temperature at different time of the day. This will help you reducing your energy usage. IR panels controlled by thermostat can be with 50% more efficient than other heating systems.


Click on the calculator to calculate what power heater you need.

What people say


Infrared heat, or as it is also known radiant heat, is known to be the most effective type of heat exchange since heat flows directly from one object into another without heating the air. The largest infrared repellent body is our sun, it warms the earth with radiant heat using infrared waves. The infrared panels use the same waves to heat rooms and people that fall within their reach. The main difference between convection heaters and infrared panels is that the latter do not heat the air, they use all their energy to warm the people and objects in the room directly.

Yes, infrared heating panels are completely safe. Some people confuse “infrared ” with “microwave “, but there is no need to worry – infrared heating is 100% natural and does not pose a risk to your health. On the contrary, it helps your health as opposed to conventional heating. While radiators, which heat by convection, move the air in the room, raise dust and distribute it in the room, infrared heating heats the objects. This means that the air does not move, thus dust is not raise in the air, which is a great advantage to people’s health, especially to that of children and people who suffer dust allergies or asthma.

Some people worry that because infrared heaters can cause burns similar to sunburn because they warm the same way as the sun does. However, the Sun burns your skin because it emits ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet is in the same spectrum as infrared radiation, however, objects must reach temperatures of thousands of degrees before releasing UV rays. Objects such as the Sun and the fluorescent lamps used in solarium beds reach much higher temperatures than the infrared heating panels that we offer. None of our heaters emits ultraviolet light, so there is absolutely no risk of burns.

The Infrared heat emitted in the long range of radiation, the heat emanating from ceramic heaters and infrared panels is the same type of heat radiation emanating from our own bodies. That’s why we absorb it so easily and feel so comfortable. This radiation is so effective and safe that it is even used in baby incubators.

Infrared heating is much more efficient than traditional heating, as much less heat is lost. Most heating systems provide most of their heat through convection. Radiators for central heating, for example, deliver only about a third of their heat through radiation; most of their heat comes from the hot air circulation behind the radiator, which fills the room with warm air, raising the temperature in it.

Convection heating is simple and efficient, but it is also wasteful. Transferring heat to the air, which then has to be transferred to the people in the room, is by its very nature ineffective. Infrared heating effectively cuts out the middle element (air) by transferring heat directly from the panel to the people in the room. Convection heat is easily lost through doors and windows. Warm air naturally moves to cooler places, so as soon as the air in the convection-heated room reaches a gap, it will move outward, leaving the room cold. Meanwhile, infrared heat warms objects, people and surfaces. Solid objects keep their heat much better than the air because they are static and much less likely to go out the window! In well-insulated premises, objects and surfaces cannot transfer their heat out and radiate it back into the room, keeping the heat and turning the room into a 360 ° radiator that is cozy and efficient.

It is important to make sure that you choose a panel of sufficient power to warm the space in which it will be used. If you are looking for infrared heaters to warm your home, you can use our infrared calculator to get an immediate calculation for the required power of the heating panel. All you have to do is enter the necessary parameters in the calculator to get the recommended power of the heaters. It is then simply a matter of selecting a panel or a combination of panels equal to or greater than the recommended power.

If you prefer to talk to an expert, just contact us. We will provide you with all the necessary information to help you choose the right configuration for the most efficient heating of your home or office premises. Our heating consultants will provide you with a free quote to suit your property needs. No space is too big or too small – our consultants have substantial experience heating small households, as well as huge commercial premises.

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