Infrared heating panels
(ceiling or wall mount)

We produce infrared heaters, which are characterized by high reliability, low power consumption, slim design, low weight and affordable price.


Get the latest heating technology for your home,office or warehouse! Save up to 65% on your heating bill.

This product was invented to be effective in the severe winter conditions in Russia. In a heavy winter with an outside temperature of -20°C, these heaters can maintain a temperature of +20°C (or more) without any problems.

In normal winter conditions and temperatures that go as low as -10°C:

IK5 will heat 6-9 square meters for less than 500W per hour.

IK10 will heat 10-18 square meters for less than 800W per hour.

IK11 will heat 12-20 square meters for less than 1000W per hour.

IK16 will heat 16-28 square meters for less than 1500W per hour.

The model range allows you to choose the device directly for your needs. With the right power selection the desired temperature in the room can be achieved within 10 minutes from switching the heater on. If you need help to determine what type of heater(s) you need you can use our heater power calculator.

The heaters meet Directives of the European Union (EU) in the field of product security.



Room insulation:

Windows to floor and walls ratio:

Outdoor temperature:

Number of external walls:

Type of upper-room:

Height of the room:

Area of the room (sq. meters):

Required heaters capacity: kW

Customers reviews

What people say?

Infrared heaters are very economical and very practical to use and install. They do not require skilled maintenance and repair and have a great service life.”
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
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Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel


Check the benefits of the Infrared Heaters.

To understand the principle of radiant heat, imagine that you are standing outside on a cold, clear day. The ground below you is frozen, but when the sun hits your face you feel warm, despite the low air temperature.


Conventional heating – inconvenient and wasteful!

Typical convection heaters can be noisy, inefficient, expensive and unsightly. They warm a room by intensely heating the air near them, relying on that hot air to move to the top of the room before cooling and falling back to a height where it can be felt.

This results in a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere with chilly drafts. It promotes heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. And wasted energy is wasted money.


Infrared heaters are very economical and very practical to use and install. They do not require skilled maintenance and repair and have a great service life. Infrared heat transfer method implies heating the surfaces (floors, walls, furniture) in heating zone, rather than air, as in the case of convective heating, which therefore ensures that there are no draught and dust depositions. Heat is stored at the bottom, not under the ceiling.
In many cases the most economical type of heating is IR (also called: long wave, warm wave, radiant) heating.

Radiant heat creates a feeling that the ambient temperature is somewhat higher (by 3-4°C), than it actually is, which allows a human to feel comfortable at lower temperatures.



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